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With gratitude - emails from ShivaRegistry users:

“God Bless you for creating this website and helping our family.”
“Thank you for your help and support.
The website was wonderful and many people came up to me to tell me how much
they appreciated being able to use the website
to get information. 
The website was easy to use and provided the needed
Thanks again for making this website available to people at a difficult time when there is so much going on."

"Thank you so much for this website. 
Words cannot express how helpful it was and I have recommended it to everyone."
“Thank you so much for "ShivaConnect".
You have done a mitzvah that keeps helping.”
“I just wanted to say thank you for being such a help in this tragic time.
I am very grateful for the resources and information you took the time to post,
they will be a great asset in the coming weeks.”
I want to let you know that "Shiva Connect" was just wonderful.
It was a great resource in planning and so useful for our visitors and those wanting

to know where to donate in her memory. 
You have created a fabulous website for families, which is so helpful at such a tough time.”

Thank you -You have provided a wonderful service that has been very helpful to me
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
"ShivaConnect was a helpful way for me to share the information with those beyond the immediate circle of our family.
  It was so nice to have a place where I could post the information, trust that changes would be accessible to people, and send it out through my various networks.  With friends in NH, Fl, through the rabbinic world and more there was no easy way to post things and be done -- ShivaConnect worked well." 1-800-797-0605      Copyright ©2016 Shiva Connect, Inc.    | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use| Contact us