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Do I need to login to use Shivaconnect?

You do not need to login to read our articles, view a Shiva Registry, find helpful resources or order gifts.
You must be logged in to create a Shiva Registry, edit a Shiva Registry or to insert a eulogy.
Please note that there is a separate login required to receive an annual Yahrzeit Reminder.

What information do I need to create a Shiva Registry?

You will need the name of the deceased and any other pertinent information, such as : Memorial Service/ Funeral date, time, location-Cemetery location-Shiva dates, times, location-Mourners-Food preferences-Charitable requests- Synagogue affiliations- Contact person for questions. You may include as much or as little information as you choose.
You can begin a Shiva Registry and edit it at another time when you have additional information to enter.

When I create a Shiva Registry how will it be distributed?

When you create a Shiva Registry, you will receive an email including a link to that Registry.You can then email, text tweet it or post it on Facebook for friends and family to view. If you so chose, they can also search for the Registry on our home page. ShivaConnect does not distribute your registry.

Can anyone view my Shiva Registry?

Your Shiva Registry can only be viewed by people you send a link to, if you select this most private option. Most users allow those who search for a registry using the name of the deceased or a principal mourner to view the Registry.

Who can edit a Shiva Registry?

A Shiva Registry can only be edited by someone who logs in with the same username and password originally used to create the Registry. Others can attach a food note or moderated tribute/eulogy to a Shiva Registry.

If I make a donation on ShivaConnect, is there a fee?

There is NEVER a fee charged by ShivaConnect for any donations made. Links that connect to charity donation portals are provided for your convenience.

If I send a Gift Basket, Comfort Gift or Food Gift on ShivaConnect is there an additional fee?

There is NEVER a fee charged by ShivaConnectfor any purchases you make.
All purchases are made directly from the vendor, on their own website.
We simply help by directing you to other top quality sites where purchases can be made.

If there is a problem with a Gift Basket, Comfort Gift or Food Gift who do I contact?

Please contact the merchant, as the item was purchased directly from them. As we strive to have reliable merchants on our site, we would also like to know of any difficulties you encounter. Please email us .

Why aren't there any resources listed in my area?

We are a new site, expanding throughout the United States in the next year. Please let us know which charities, businesses, services and delis you would like to see listed.

How do I get my charity, business or service listed on ShivaConnect?

Please contact or call 1-800-797-0605. All Charity listings are free.

Shiva Food Questions

How do I find a Deli/Restaurant in another city or state?

Enter the zip code for the delivery address and search.This will display a list of Delicatessens that deliver to that address.

Before I send a Shiva Platter, how do I check to see if the family has a Shiva Registry?

You can search for a Registry on the Home Page, by entering the name of the deceased or a mourner. If there is no result, you can then search for a Shiva Food Provider in a particular zip code.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Each Deli/Restaurant has its own policy for minimum orders. Please check their menu and if you are in doubt, call the Deli directly.

Is there an extra charge for delivery?

There may be. Each vendor sets their own prices and delivery charges.

Can I customize my Shiva Food order?

Yes. You will be offered a variety of sample menus and if you have additional requests, please call the Deli/Restaurant to assist you.

Can I request immediate delivery?

Delis usually require 12-24 hours to prepare your order.
You may call the Deli directly to see if they can accomodate an immediate request.

Can I place an order for delivery before or after Shiva?

You can specify any date for an order to be delivered.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with an order or it is not delivered?

Please call the Deli/Restaurant for an immediate resolution. If there is a problem we would like to know about it.Please email us at or call 1- 800-797-0605.

Why isn’t my favorite Deli on ShivaConnect?

We are a new website and have not yet reached many cities. Please send the name and location of your favorite Deli to us at: or call 1-800-797-0605 to make a request.

Any Other Questions?

Send them to: or call 1-800-797-0605 1-800-797-0605      Copyright ©2016 Shiva Connect, Inc.    | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use| Contact us