provides information and assistance for sitting shiva.

Create a Shiva Registry to:

 • Announce the passing of a loved one
Inform friends & family of memorial service/funeral arrangements 
Detail where, when and who is sitting shiva
View/Post "food notes"  to coordinate shiva food
List Memorial Donation requests
 Post Eulogies  
View a "Sample Registry" 

A Shiva Registry helps relatives, friends, congregants & coworkers:

Learn of a loss & express their condolences 
Receive detailed information about the
   memorial service/funeral including directions
 Learn where, when, & who is sitting shiva
View a listing of food already expected, to
    know what 
is needed, where & when

Find local delicatessens, shiva food,
    shiva gift baskets or comfort gifts 

Make charitable donations

Create a Shiva   Registry

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