provides information and assistance for sitting shiva.

 A "Shiva Registry " is a private page*
 with funeral & shiva information
and a calendar to coordinate food for each day of shiva
View a "Sample Registry"

*Shiva Registries are not visible to Google & other search engines
We respect your privacy and do not distribute shiva registries or email addresses to anyone

   Creating a Shiva Registry will help you avoid unnecessary phone calls,
            coordinate shiva food and facilitate memorial donations.

In 5 minutes, you can post answers to who, what, where, when and how many.
You can add information or make changes, anytime- it's quick and convenient

A link to your personal "Shiva Registry" page
can be emailed,
texted or posted on Facebook,
or simply tell people to go to "Search" on the home page.

   Need help? Call 1-800-797-0605

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