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"Become that which you have lost."
"We owe the deceased a debt to continue, to grow and to love."
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   Yizkor  -  Yizkor Dates

Yizkor ("remembrance") prayers are recited by those who have lost either one or both of their parents. In the Yizkor prayers God is asked to remember and grant repose to the souls of the departed. The Yizkor service takes place in synagogue four times a year on Yom Kippur, the last day of Sukkot, the last day of Passover and the last day of Shavuot. The Yizkor prayers include an obligation to make a charitable donation in memory of the deceased. It is customary to kindle a twenty-four hour candle on the evening preceding Yizkor. Although saying Yizkor with a minyan is preferable, it is also acceptable to recite the prayer privately, at home.

May God remember the soul of my beloved ____________________who has passed to his/her eternal rest. I pledge charity in his/her name and pray that his/her soul be kept among the immortal souls of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah and all the righteous men and women in heaven. Amen.

Yizkor Meditation

 Our God and God of our fathers, may the memory of those who we lovingly remember as we say Yiskor this day, influence our lives for good and direct our thoughts away from the vain and fleeting and toward that which is eternal. Teach us to emulate the virtues of our dear ones so that we too may be inspired to devote ourselves to the Torah, to Israel and to Thee, the source of all our aspirations. Thus shall the historic chain of Judaism remain unbroken, our departed mothers and fathers and all our loved ones be united with us. They live in us, in our hopes, and shall their influence continue in our children. In Thee, O Lord, they and we are one.

Teach us to live wisely and unselfishly in truth and understanding, in love and peace, so that those who come after us may likewise remember us for good, as we this day affectionately remember those who were unto us a blessing. Amen.

Yizkor Dates
Yizkor may be said in your Synagogue on these dates

Year Passover
8th Day
2nd Day
2010 April 6 May 20 Sept 18 Sept 30
2011 April 26 June 9 Oct 8 Oct 20
2012 April 14 May 28 Sept 26 Oct 8
2013 April 2 May 16 Sept 14 Sept 26
2014 April 22 June 5 Oct 4 Oct 16
2015 April 11 May 25 Sept 23 Oct 5
2016 April 30 June 13 Oct 12 Oct 24
2017 April 18 June 1 Sept 30 Oct 12
2018 April 7 May 21 Sept 19 Oct 1
2019 April 27 June 10 Oct 9 Oct 21
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